Enhanced Gamepad Solution

We produce processors and software solutions for technological devices that allow you to play games freely from anywhere.

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Enhanced Know — How solution for the gamepad manufacturers which consists of Hardware Design & Main Chipset Firmware!

A next generation of high-performance gamepads that can work with any gaming device.

We solve these producer problems.

*Shortage of R & D time for manufacturers

*High production cost

*Lack of production flexibility

*OTA Update

We eliminate these user problems

*High prices for end users

*Lack of flexibility of use

”Yıllık gelirleriyle Hollywood ve film endüstrisini geride bırakarak tüm dünyanın dikkatini üzerine toplayan oyun sektörü, büyümesini sürdürüyor. “



“Athletes generally like to play. I spent more than 10,000 hours at Call of Duty. When I end my basketball career, maybe I can become an espor player.”

Klay Thompson Basketball Player

“The game world needed such a solution! I don't understand why it wasn't done before. Even the thought of playing every game with my favorite gamepad is perfect!”

Jonathan Smith The Gamer

“I didn't expect such a performance. I spent my hours in God of War. Frankly, I must say I like it very much. I hope we hear that name more in the game world.”

Felix Kjellberg The Gamer

What We Do

Cost-effective Design

Cost-reducing design that even the best manufacturers cannot reach.

Reach Performance

Our experienced and strong staff produces performance enhancing solutions.

Custom Development

Customized solution systems for each gaming device.

Tested Experience

Customer Happiness

Accumulated High Experience

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